Work and Study in Australia

Orientation Sessions

Life in Australia will be quite different to life in your home country. Orientation activities have been designed to assist students become familiar with Australian culture and customs and to introduce students to the college and its services.

All students will be provided with an orientation information pack which will have information about living and studying in Australia. Orientation sessions will focus on enrolment, facilities and services. It is a great way to meet other students who will also be studying at SERO Institute.


Brisbane Student Hub

The Brisbane Student Hub is a free, welcoming support service for international students in Queensland.

The Brisbane Student Hub, located at The Edge, State Library of Queensland, provides information, advice and referrals on healthcare, employment, budget management, accommodation and legal services, as well as connecting students to local events and activities.

Their independent staff provides face-to-face assistance and support with students invited to discuss any matter in a safe and confidential environment.

With free Wi-Fi, laptops and a printer available, the Brisbane Student Hub space is free for students to study or relax during opening hours.

Job Assist

How to apply for a TFN (Tax File Number)?

You should apply for an TFN first thing when you arrive in Australia. You will need it for employment and tax purposes.

You can apply online at

For more information about TFN, visit

How to apply for an ABN (Australian Business Number)?

If you want carry an enterprise or a business, you will need to apply for an ABN.

Apply online at—Charities/Applying-for-an-ABN/

For more information, visit

Opening a bank account

You can open a bank account once you received your visa, even before arriving in Australia.

Some of the biggest banks in Australia include:


Commonwealth Bank



How to write a resume?

Some helpful links for writing an Australian resume/CV:

How to write a Cover Letter?

Some helpful links for cover letter writing:


Brisbane has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city. Temperatures remain fairly stable across most seasons, and the sub-tropical climate makes it perfect for a range of outdoor activities.


Cost of Living

Queensland has one of the lowest costs of living in comparison with the other Australian states. Australian Education International estimates than an international student in Australia will spend about $380 a week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport and telephone. This figure is only an estimate though, and will change depending on your location, lifestyle and even your course.

Cost of living in Brisbane varies according to your lifestyle. A general guide to cost of living per week can be found below.

Cost of Living

Theme Parks

Popular theme parks including Movies World, Sea World and Wet’N’Wild are located on the Gold Coast.

Find out more at


Gold Coast has some of the best beaches in the world, perfect for surfing and outdoor activities.

Check out this beach guide for more information

National Parks

There’s over 1,000 National Parks in Queensland with plenty of rain forests and mountains to explore.

Find out more at

Dining Out

There’s plenty of options for dining out on the Gold Coast with something for everyone.

Explore restaurants at

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