FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required for a variety of entry level positions who perform a limited range of routine tasks using defined practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a familiar context.

You will learn entry level digital literacy and employability skills to an Australian business working environment. Individuals in these roles work under direct supervision.

This course consists of 14 units (8 core, 6 elective).

Core Units

  • FSKRDG10 Read and respond to routine workplace information
  • FSKOCM07 Interact effectively with others at work
  • FSKLRG09 Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
  • FSKNUM14 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
  • FSKNUM15 Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric measurements for work
  • FSKDIG03 Use Digital technology for routine workplace tasks
  • FSKLRG11 Use routine strategies for work-related learning
  • SKWGT09 Write routine workplace texts

Elective Units

  • BSBFLM312 Contribute to team effectiveness
  • FSKNUM08 Identify and use whole numbers and simple fractions, decimals and percentages for work
  • BSBWRT301 Write simple documents
  • FSKLRG05 Use strategies to plan simple workplace tasks
  • BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others
  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Entry Requirements

  • Age 16+
  • IELTS 4.5 or equivalent English proficiency
  • Completed high school Year 10, or equivalent

Course Duration

34 weeks (26 study weeks, 8 holiday weeks).

Brisbane Career College Pty Ltd trading as SERO Institute