FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

The target audience for this qualification will be candidates who have experienced long-term unemployment due to Language, Literacy and Numeracy issues. While they audience should be able to demonstrate the consistent application of practical skills because of some previous work experience, this may be limited due to their personal abilities, and a reading and writing level that does not meet the AQF level three. These candidates have a desire to learn, but have not been able to progress because of low Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills, a variety of situational circumstances, and sometimes even more severe barriers to learning.

These learners have typically not progressed to tertiary studies or other post-school studies, and may benefit from completing qualifications from the FSK Foundation Skills Training Package. These learners will generally be outside the workforce and may be participating in employment programs or secondary school programs as preparation for workforce entry, re-entry, or VET pathways.

The units are combined into 7 clusters.


Cluster I

  • FSKLRG09 (C) Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
  • FSKLRG11 (C) Use routine strategies for work related learning

Cluster II

  • FSKNUM14 (C) Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
  • FSKNUM15 (C) Estimate, measure and calculate with routine measurements for work

Cluster III

  • FSKRDG10 (C) Read and respond to routine workplace information
  • FSKWTG09 (C) Write routine workplace texts

Cluster IV

  • FSKRDG11 Read and respond to complex workplace information
  • FSKWTG10 Write complex workplace texts

Cluster V

  • FSKRDG12 Read and respond to highly complex workplace information
  • FSKWTG11 Write highly complex workplace texts

Cluster VI

  • FSKOCM07 (C) Interact effectively with others at work
  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Cluster VII

  • FSKDIG03 (C) Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks
  • BSBINN201 Contribute to workplace innovation

Who is Eligible

  • Australian / NZ citizen Permanent residency with pathway to citizenship
  • Qld Resident
  • 15yrs +
  • Must not have completed or currently be enrolled into a Certificate III or above Qualification

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for entry into this course however it is desired that candidates have completed Australian Year 10 (or equivalent). Please contact SERO Institute for further information.