Mission Statement

Mission Statement

SERO Group will achieve its vision by encouraging Excellence, Effectiveness, Engagement, Innovation, and Attention to the needs of individuals, groups and organisations that benefit from our programs and services.


  • Leadership – display honest and ethical behaviours and ensure confidence and commitment in all endeavours. Setting the right path for all to follow.
  • Governance – create a robust framework that ensures confidence in the system and an effective link between finance and enterprise to facilitate innovation, productivity and sustainable growth.
  • Relationship – underpinning shared interests with shared values that sponsor long term partnerships and mutual benefit.
  • Dedication – going “above and beyond” to meet the other person’s needs and committing to our responsibilities large or small.
  • People and Work Environment Satisfaction – belief in our people and our work environment to strive for balance and fulfilment.

Vision for the Education division

To be recognised locally, regionally and nationally as the Vocational Education Provider of Choice.